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HAR-110 Angle Roll HAR-110 NC Angle Roll

Anerka's angle rolls are equipped with a powerful direct drive gearbox drive system that delivers full torque when bending at full capacity. The dual speed option allows for fine-tuning of rolling speeds for different materials. Anerka angle rolls can be operated in either horizontal or vertical mode, depending on the size of the rolling project. Anerka's angle rolls, which incorporate lateral guide rolls with 6-axis adjustment and modular rolls that allow for the bending of most profiles. The standard bending rolls are made of 4140 alloy steel, volume hardened to 56-60 HRC. Anerka's ability to design and produce custom-built and adapted angle rolls to meet specific customer needs. This includes machines with unique roll diameters, special roll lengths, or customized roll shapes.

Control Unit Options For Your Needs

Angle Roll Bending Machine Angle Roll Bending Machine

Standard Equipment

• Planetary type double pinch design allowing prebending in both directions.

• Digital read-out for X,Y axis

• Dual speed on rolls rotation

• Normalized and induction hardened 4140 shafts (HRc 58±3)

• Volume hardened 4140 rolls (HRc 58±3)

• Hydraulic side supports (UL,UR,ZL,ZR,CL,CR)

• Machine body constructed of stress-relieved

• Rolls seated in spherical bearings

• Three-roll drive to minimize the slipping

• Automatic rolls peripheral speed compensation (optimum distribution of torque)

• Electrical and hydraulic protection against overloads

• World standard electrical and hydraulic components

• Mobile control panel

• Gathered together manual lubrication.

Optional Features

• PLC control for up to 9 axes (X,Y,R,ZL,ZR,UL,UR,CL,CR)

• NC Control *3 axes (X,Y,R) *5 axes (X,Y,R,ZL,ZR) *9 axes (X,Y,R,ZL,ZR,UL,UR,CL,CR)

• CNC Control with the teachable side supports *3 axes (X,Y,R) *5 axes (X,Y,R,ZL,ZR) *9 axes (X,Y,R,ZL,ZR,UL,UR,CL,CR)

• Special dies for pipes, tubes, beams.

• Channel type dies for heavy beams and channels for rolling easy way.

• Customized dies for almost any bendable section or extrusion.

• Special apparatus to prevent deformation

* I and H beam bending

* U profile bending

* Spiral bending device

• Material output table

• Overhead support for sprial bending

• Higher rotation speeds with full drive torque throughout the speed range.

• Extended roll shafts to accommodate tooling for wider sections.

• Adjustable turning speed (Standard on CNC control)

• Automatic lubrication

• Oil cooler